When you’re tight on room, you can always expand. Get another building, add another floor, buy bigger pants – all solutions for a problem we’re all facing. Or, you can do a bit of spring cleaning!

The team did a bunch of work on the warehouse over the last few weeks. It took lots of clearing out the cobwebs and finally getting rid of stuff we hadn’t used in over five years. However, I’m not sure Marie Kondo would have any idea of where to put our spent equipment.

Why the change?

We’re hitting the sweet spot. Motus Group always tries to make sure to have the equipment to serve up as many solutions to our customers as possible. At the same time, we see the writing on the wall. The industry is changing, there is new equipment demands, and a lot of the older stuff needs to be set out to pasture.

Room To Grow

We needed the room for the equipment our customers need today. Selling off old equipment, moving into a larger space, and acquiring new gear, we needed the space to assemble the new service trailers we rent.

By having more of what you need on hand, we can get you back to operations faster.

You never know what a spring cleanup might do for you. There might be a pile of junk you didn’t realize you had (two dumpsters worth!) that is just taking up valuable space. It could also be limiting your opportunity to do more.

Gotta wonder what you could clean up, change up, and Marie Kondo around your site to get things moving more efficiently.

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