How Innovative Power Plants Are Reducing Their Emissions

a refinery plant at night

We’ve all seen the classic image of power plants from the early industrial age: giant furnaces burning coal to generate steam power while giant plumes of smoke billow up from smokestacks that tower high above the city. This is what it took to keep factories running, refineries smelting, and electricity humming to anyone who wanted […]

5 Reasons Why Your Facility Needs Pollution Mitigation Solutions

power plant emission mitigations

Motus Group works with power plants across North America to ensure they have the necessary parts and that their operations run smoothly. But when we’re not installing new systems or replacing worn-out components, we often advise our clients on better ways to mitigate the EPA or State regulated emissions from their plants.  Our team has […]

Motus Group, Inc. – A Top Provider of Climate Change Solutions

For Immediate Release Colorado-based Motus Group, Inc. Named A Top Climate Change Solution Provider November 10, 2022 – This week Motus Group – an industry leader in delivering Environmental Compliance as a Service to heavy industry – was named one of the Top 10 Climate Change Solution Providers by the Applied Technology Review. Based in […]