Some Challenges Facing The Future of Biomass

All things considered, there is considerable promise for biomass power generation. Regarding carbon emissions, it is easier for the public to wrap their heads around. After all, campfires and forest fires burn biomass – albeit at different scales and measures of control. Biomass is any organic material that can be converted into heat (then steam, […]

Responsible Biomass, Government Policies, and the Future of Sustainable Energy

The Intricate and Necessary Role of Government Policies and Incentives in Promoting Responsible Biomass Energy Production In recent years, we have seen a rise in the use of biomass and waste products in power production over the traditional coal- and oil-powered plants we relied on. Proponents of biomass quickly cite the environmental benefits and the […]

Mitigating Biomass Emissions

biomass logs in a pile

Biomass is touted as a “cleaner” way to create power, but it isn’t without emission risks. We took a look at the most common emissions and how Motus Group can help mitigate.